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Family hiking into the Centaurs Gorge, a spectacular, unique trail, of moderate difficulty through a narrow passage, with high green walls, of native small plants, nourished by moisture. Foloi Forrest is a protected area from the NATURA 2000 Network. It is located at an altitude of 688 m. on Mount Foloi in Ilia and occupies an area of 33,000 acres. It is the only native broad-leaved oak forest in the Balkans, with old clusters of oaks. According to mythology, Erymanthios Kapros came down to it for food. The beast terrorized and destroyed the crops of the villagers, while with his tusks he tore any animal he found in front of him, annoying even the Centaurs, who could not face it.

With a trick, Hercules managed to lead the animal to the Gorge of Foloi, which had been blocked with a net, to catch it alive and take it to Argos.

Total duration of the program: 3 – 4 hours (8,5 klm).

We provide:

Experienced escorts, certified in first aid, liability insurance, picnic with snacks, juice, water.

You must have with you:

  • Backpack 
  • water (at least 1 liter)
  • hiking shoes
  • second shoes because they can get wet during the winter
  • clothes according to the weather

Ideal for families and children over 7, with basic physical condition.

Level of difficulty: 1

Cost: For up to 3 people/45€ p.p, for 4-6 people 40€ p.p.

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